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Martin M
Martin MArgentina
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Josefina, Fini, was born in Argentina diagnosed with Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, a disease that generates lesions or blisters on the skin at the slightest touch or trauma.

Fini had already tried many products without having positive results and with a very complex forecast for future development. Using Curefini, we quickly realized that it was the only ointment that began to have an effect on Fini’s wounds. Within 24 hours, Fini improved, her wounds that were open for weeks got closed in a few days, the infection stopped, her pain and itching went down a lot. Today Fini has 8 years old, and she can do many activities which at one time we thought he would never do. We are very happy to find out this product. It is important to follow the steps of applying Curefini, as applied correctly, the results are excellent.
Kenia & Luis
Kenia & LuisUSA
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Altair was born in 2014, after a normal and beautiful pregnancy. As soon as she was born, blisters began to appear all over her body, three weeks later she was diagnosed with dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa.

The diagnosis was terrifying, it scared us, and the prognosis was not a good one. After seeking second medical opinions and knowing that there was no cure for this, we decided to look for alternatives to offer our daughter a better quality of life. When our little girl was 5 months old, we found a video of a father talking about his daughter, a littel girl just like ours, aslo suffering with EB. He was talking about Curefini. We decided to order a few tubs of Curefini and try it with Altair. After a week we were really surprised because wounds that had been very difficult to treat were already healing! We also saw that the ointment offered very good hydration to her skin.
We have been using Curefini for 6 years in our little girl, it is essential for us. After all this time, her wounds have never been infected, the scars are very soft and she no longer uses bandages, she has her fingers and toes complete and separated, she walks, runs, goes to school and plays with her friends. For a moment in our lives we believed that her life would not be as good as it is.
We love Curefini, thanks for helping us care for our daughter.

Carla Valeria
Carla ValeriaArgentina
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I have undergone surgery on May 1 for a Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans in the left buttock, having had a wound the size of a Coke can. 

I am applying Curefini since I left the operation, in the donor and recipient area.
Completely surprised at what the product helped me in both areas.

July G
July GArgentina
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On Christmas Eve, I had a high speed accident that left me with deep, second degree burns.
I was treated at the ER and when discharged, the doctors recommended that I treat the burn wounds with an antiseptic and healing powder.

I thought the worst was over, but it was just the beginning. Necrotic tissue started to form, I thought it was healing, but my legs were very swollen and throbbing with pain and very swollen. I learnt that all my wounds were infected.
I ended up with surgery to treat the infections (they heal the wounds by removing the necrotic skin and infection secretion with a scalpel) but after that, I had to clean the wounds twice a day with a sponge, prior to covering them with bandages.
My sister-in-law recommended Curefini and although I was skeptical I started using it to heal wounds.
I do not know if I can describe with words all the praise that Curefini ointment deserves.
Little by little the infection subseded, the secretion and pus came out, stuck to the gauze with every bandage change, the wounds began to have a healthier color, and the skin began to regenerate.
By January 15 I was able to swin in the ocean (and not in a wetsuit!) People have a hard time believing my story because I have no marks or scars.
To this day, Curefini is an integral part of my medicine cabinet for scrapes, burns or any other skin problem.

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My daughter Felícitas had heart disease and had a surgery at 4 months of age. Once discharged, they recommended Curefini for her wound.

It was really a true relief for my daughter. The ointment provided pain relief, elasticity and fast healing.
I highly recommend this product!

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