Bandages and dressings can be changed as necessary and depending on symptoms. Follow the advice of your healthcare professional. In most cases, we recommend re-applying Curefini and changing the dressings at least twice a day, or every 12 hours.
It is not necessary to refrigerate Curefini, however, to present the potency, we recommend storing at 20C-25C (68F – 77F).

We recommend using only Curefini, and not combining with other products. However, Curefini is well tolerated and no interactions have been observed or reported.

We recommend using gauze and bandages of the Cambric type, or those made of fabric that allows air circulation.

Yes, gauze/dressings can be pre-ointed with Curefini and stored ready-to-use. However, in this case, we recommend storing dressings and gauzes in closed containers and to keep them refrigerated.

You should discuss your particular situation with your healthcare provider, but typically we recommend taking a shower or bath with bandages and dressings on and in place, to protect injuries from the effect of water.

No, because Curefini does not adhere to skin injuries or tissue. In the event of a dressing adhering to the wound because of improper use of Curefini (missing spot, not enough product applied) proceed to apply Curefini to the dressing/gauze and allow it to moisten it. remove the gauze/dressing after it’s moistened.

Please, contact us if you have any questions about Curefini.

If your question is of medical nature, please, contact your healthcare professional.

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