CUREFINI is a topic ointment, maximum and minimum dose are not established. In order to obtain the maximum benefit the wound should be completely covered by the ointment.
Prepare a gauze bandage to apply. Dressings should be placed on a flat and clean surface, sliding the ointment on them with an spatula, covering the whole surface with a thin coating (2 mm). Bandage with CUREFINI shall be put directly on affected skin or injury, extending 3 cm beyond the affected area and covered with another clean bandage to hold dressing in place
This process should be followed twice a day in the beginning and then less frequently due to the favorable course of the treatment
When changing gauzes with CUREFINI the wound should not be affected, no need of cleaning or scratching: The used gauze with CUREFINI is changed for another new gauze with CUREFINI without touching the hurt skin
Total length of treatment depends on the speed of the healing process
In light wounds or healthy skin CUREFINI can be applied directly on the skin
Store CUREFINI at room temperature to maximize its shelf life Directions